We're just better at this!

Planted Earth specializes in seamlessly expanding the clients’ indoor living to inspired, luscious outdoor living areas. Planted Earth is leading the industry in innovation and pays meticulous attention to every detail from installation to maintenance and everything in between.

Dedicated and Experienced Staff

Industry-trained technicians with over 30 years of knowledge and proficiency

Exceptional Customer Service

Established relationships with award-winning architects and clients to deliver quality and beauty beyond your expectations

Captivating Landscapes

Tailored services to build landscapes that reflect our client’s vision while honoring the area’s native plantings

Our story allows us to go above and beyond.

Planted Earth is a rarity in the landscape industry. Our goal is to create deeper connections between people and their environment.

Our logo portrays a member of the Planted Earth team. Someone who embodies the traits that define our culture. Professional, experienced and above all dedicated to creating the beautiful outdoor spaces of our client’s dreams.

When faced with a challenge, we roll up our sleeves, grab a shovel and dig in. Hard work isn’t shied away from at Planted Earth, it is embraced and encouraged.

Two shades of green were incorporated into our logo. The bright green signifies beginnings, whether that is the start of a new project or a technique advancement our team should learn. The deep green represents the depth of connection, knowledge and care that are the hallmarks of the Planted Earth experience.

We are committed to going above and beyond expectations and thrive on the endless pursuit of elevating our client’s projects, our community and the landscaping industry.

Planted Earth in Action

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