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Chris Vedrani


Chris Vedrani started Planted Earth Landscaping with a vision of doing things better.  His vision included better customer service, better plant material, better landscape industry partners and most importantly better client and staff relationships.  Chris has been in the landscape industry since 1986.  He is a Certified Professional Horticulturist and a Landscape Industry Certified Technician (formerly CLT).  He is a former Treasurer/Secretary for the Landscape Contractors Association of MD/DC/VA.  His jobs have been recognized by LCA and NALP with Grand, Gold and Silver Awards.


Bert Quillin

Operations Manager

Bert attended West Virginia University’s School of Landscape Architecture and has been in the landscape installation industry for more than 20 years. He started his career with a large firm installing commercial projects, then moved into the residential design/build group serving the Baltimore Metro area. Bert joined the Planted Earth team in the Spring of 2014 as in Installation Supervisor and accepted the position of Maintenance Manager in Fall 2014.  In 2021, Bert was promoted to Operations Manager for the company.


Justin Spittal

Installation Sales & Development

Justin has been in the landscape industry for over 20 yrs, including 10 yrs at Planted Earth. He has a BT in Landscape Contracting from SUNY Cobleskill and an MBA in Project Mgmt from Strayer. He served 8 years in the Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer Officer, including a year in Iraq. He is a Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) and a Landscape Industry Certified Technician (CLT). He is a former Co-Chair for the CLT Field Test for MD/DC/VA and co-authored the LCA’s Landscape Specification Guidelines 6th Edition.  Justin has held landscape positions including Field Supervisor, Project Manager & Estimator and in 2021, Justin accepted an offer to join the Planted Earth sales team.


Renee Quillin

Purchasing Manager

Renee has been employed with Planted Earth since the Spring of 2016. She attended UMBC and graduated with a Biology degree, focusing on Plant Physiology.  Renee received her CPH certification in Fall, 2021 and continues her studies in edible landscaping and medicinal herbs.  Renee was promoted to Purchasing Manager in Spring of 2020 and continues to strengthen her landscape and native plant knowledge.

Bredy Gutierrez (1)

Bredy Gutierrez

Yard Manager

Bredy joined Planted Earth in the spring of 2013 as a crew Supervisor.  He has been in the landscape industry for nearly 25 years and is a master of the skill.  Bredy especially likes working with big trees, both planting and digging.  He appreciates the art of a properly laced root ball.  Bredy promoted to the Yard Manager in 2020 and has been instrumental in streamlining the operations process at the shop.

Administrative Team

Marcie Vedrani

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Marcie has been with Planted Earth Landscaping since the time it was just an idea for her husband, Chris.  As a business major, graduating from University of Baltimore in 1995, she always encouraged her husband to go after his goal of owning his own company and promised that she would take care of the financial side of the business.   As the dream became a reality, Marcie reduced her hours from her full time job and eventually took on full-time Director of Finance & Human Resources in the spring of 2016.

Alicia Pina

HR Manager & Landscape Mgmt Admin

Alicia has been a part of the Planted Earth family since the beginning. Her ability to multi-task and learn all the administrative routines coupled with her people skills made her the perfect candidate for managing Human Resources.  Alicia is fluent in Spanish and keeps current with Human Resources policy.  She enjoys helping others and has been instrumental in developing our recruiting and on-boarding process.  Not only is she an advocate for the employees and Planted Earth and but she also is the Landscape Maintenance Administrator

Stephanie Emrich

ESL Educator, Recruiter & HR Assist

Stephanie joined the Planted Earth family in the winter of 2020 as a part time ESL Educator. She has studied Spanish since 2003 and graduated from Salisbury University in 2013.  She developed an English curriculum used in house and will expand to a Spanish curriculum in the future.  In January of 2021, she accepted a full time position at Planted Earth as an ESL Educator, Recruiter and Human Resources Assistant. She enjoys working in a new industry and is excited to help grow Planted Earth into a bilingual landscaping community.

David Zimmerman

Landscape Design and Estimating

David has always had an affinity for nature and the complex systems that support life on the planet. He joined Planted Earth in 2016 with a background of mostly hands-on training and experience.  In 2017,  David enrolled in the American Landscape Institute (ALI).  While attending ALI, David worked full-time as a Gardening supervisor.  In 2021, David was offered and accepted the position of Landscape Design & Estimating.   David is using the education and skills obtained through ALI coupled with  his own natural creativity to develop custom landscape designs for the clients of Planted Earth.

Division Managers

Ryan Isherwood

Landscape Installation Sr Project Manager

Ryan is a graduate of SUNY Cobleskill with a BT in Landscape Contracting and an AAS in Ornamental Horticulture from Vermont Technical College. He joined Planted Earth Landscaping in the Spring of 2012 as an Installation Supervisor.  Over the years, Ryan’s jobs have been recognized by LCA and NALP.  He is currently the Senior Project Manager for the Installation Division as well as manages the fleet of trucks, trailers and other equipment.  

Carlos Pina

Landscape Installation Project Manager

Carlos started his career with Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc. in the Spring of 2012 as a laborer in the Installation Division.   He quickly moved up to a Crew Supervisor and in the Spring of 2021 he was promoted to Project Manager.  His hard work and dedication are a few key factors that tie Carlos to the mission of Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc.  

Chris Fauble

Landscape Management Account Manager

Chris joined Planted Earth Landscaping in December of 2017 as Landscape Management Account Manager. He has been in the Green Industry for nearly 20 years. Chris’s background is in turf, as he has spent his entire professional career working on golf courses. Chris is excited for the opportunity to start looking beyond the turf and into the landscape gardens.

Mike Miller

Landscape Management Account Manager

Mike joined Planted Earth Landscaping in February of 2021 as a Landscape Management Account Manager.   Mike came to Planted Earth with over 30 years of experience in high-end residential maintenance.  He is a Certified Landscape Technician, a Certified Professional Horticulturist and a MD Certified Pest Control Applicator.

Installation Division Leaders

Ruben Pina

Crew Supervisor

Ruben was one of the first employees hired by Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc., entering his career in the landscape industry in the Spring of 2010. Ruben is a proven leader and takes pride in every detail of his landscape projects.

Elmer Berrios

Crew Supervisor

Elmer came to us in 2017 with 15 years of prior experience installing high-end landscape projects with another reputable, high-end landscape company. He is a great addition to the team with his range of experiences in the trade and great attitude.

Lino Jimenez

Crew Supervisor

Lino started at Planted Earth in the Summer of 2014.  He continually worked hard and moved his way to assistant supervisor. In the Fall of 2019, Lino was offered the position of Installation Supervisor.  He is a conscientious and dedicated leader at Planted Earth

Virgil Gomez

Crew Supervisor

Virgil has 19 years of landscaping experience, and he joined the Planted Earth family in 2018. His knowledge of both irrigation and installation, coupled with his outgoing personality make him a valuable asset to the team.

Darwin Rojas

Crew Supervisor

Darwin started at Planted Earth in 2014 in the Installation Division.  He moved to the Landscape Management Division as a Mow Crew Supervisor and in Spring of 2021 he accepted a position in the Installation Division as a Crew Supervisor.  He has over 8 years of landscape experience and enjoys his job very much.


Planted Earth is hiring for the following positions:

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Landscape Installation Technician

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Landscape Management Division Leaders

Elena Roman

Gardening Crew Supervisor

Elena has a passion for plants, their ecological role, and the relationship people have with them.  She attended Towson University, where she obtained a degree in Environmental Science.  From there, she pursued her love for plants and people as a gardener for public botanical gardens, then joined the residential gardening force at Planted Earth Landscaping in winter, 2019.  She is now working towards becoming a Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) to further expand her horticultural horizons.

Alex Stallings

Gardening Crew Supervisor

Alex chose a career in landscaping because she loves to be outside and working with plants.  She received a BFA from Salisbury University, completed the Beginning Farmer Training Program through Future Harvest, worked at a local flower Farm, and  interned at Wollam Gardens in Virginia before joining Planted Earth in Spring, 2020.  For Alex, the most important part of her job is assuring that the plants are happy and healthy while creating spaces that encourage her clients to spend time outside.

Karl Deibert

Gardening Crew Supervisor

Karl joined the Planted Earth team in the spring of 2020.  With over 7 years of  horticultural experience, his talents and passion for the business made him a valuable asset to the team.  Karl has had an affinity for nature his entire life.  He developed his passion for plants while aquarium keeping as a child and as his passion evolved he began working with horticultural organizations like the Susquehanna Orchid Society and Maryland Native Plant Society.

Shannon Sullivan

Gardening Crew Supervisor

Shannon’s passion is for growing, harvesting and preserving food.  She also enjoys greenhouse gardening, canning, dehydrating and bee keeping.  She joined Planted Earth in the Summer of 2020.  Shannon started as a Landscape Maintenance Technician in the apprenticeship program and is currently working towards becoming a Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH).  She promoted to Gardening Supervisor in Spring of 2021.

Sam Wright

Gardening Crew Supervisor

Sam grew up gardening with her mother and grandfather who worked in farming and gardening. Her natural fondness of gardening developed into a real passion when she started working in a Greenhouse in 2015.  She attended Howard Community College for Early Childhood Ed but started working for Planted Earth and her gardening passion blossomed.  Sam promoted to Gardening Crew Supervisor in the Summer of 2021.  Providing her clients and co-workers with the joy of horticulture and nature is what keeps her motivated to learn more about the industry and build her career.

Jose Piña

Enhancement Crew Supervisor

Jose has been with Planted Earth since 2010.  He started as an installation technician and moved into Landscape Management as the company had a need for his skill and experience.  His desire to do something more challenging led to Jose taking the position of Enhancement Crew Supervisor.  His meticulous attention to detail, adherence to standards, and ability to troubleshoot any obstacle makes him perfect for the position.

Javier Salgado

Turf Crew Supervisor

Javier has been employed with Planted Earth since Spring, 2014.  He is very careful and thorough when it comes to caring for his client’s properties.  Over the years, he has gotten to know many clients and how important personal attention is to his clients.  Javier started his path to improving his English language by taking classes weekly.  With his hard work and dedication to being better, Javier was promoted to Turf Crew Supervisor in the spring of 2021.  

Saul Gaitan Cortez

Turf Crew Supervisor

Saul joined the Planted Earth team as an Installation Technician in March, 2020.  He came to our company with over 11 years of experience.    He enjoys maintaining landscapes as much as he enjoys the installation, so when the opportunity came about to supervise a mowing crew in the summer of 2021,  Saul accepted a promotion to Turf Crew Supervisor in our Landscape Management Division.