Integrating the Latest in Landscaping Technology

As we at Planted Earth Landscaping continuously strive to set ourselves apart as a rarity in our field, new advances in technology help us find the balance between increasing efficiency and doing things right. Some of the technological tools we utilitze every day include battery-powered equipment, mobile devices, and cutting-edge irrigation systems.

Battery-Powered Tools

GreenWorks® handheld and backpack blowers pack a strong punch for even the toughest of jobs.

Among the newest additions to Planted Earth’s arsenal of power tools are battery-operated backpack blowers and string trimmers from Greenworks. Our maintenance crews are currently trialing these tools with the intention of pushing the boundaries of electric power. In the long term, technology such as this will help reduce the company’s carbon footprint and thus our impact on the environment.These power tools also run more quietly than their gas-powered counterparts to help us reduce disruptions while still getting the job done.

Mobile Devices

Technology also allow Planted Earth to capitalize on the convenience of mobile devices through instant communication as well as timekeeping and information software. In a simple sense, company mobile phones help field crews and managers maintain an open flow of information to communicate issues and streamline solutions on the job. Our installation crews regularly use apps such as FaceTime® voice and video calling to communicate with landscape architects about details on the job site to make sure the finished landscape fits the client’s vision. From the field, supervisors can clock in and out at each property right from their smartphones with the ExakTime® timekeeping app. Supervisors can keep track of their crews’ hours, and managers can check in at any time to see where each crew is located. We also use our mobile devices to broaden our knowledge in the landscaping field without losing valuable time. For how much we understand, we know there is always more to learn. On the job, we use reference apps such as PictureThis – Plant Identifier© to help fill information gaps and better care for the landscapes we manage. Mobile devices are a technology that help keep Planted Earth organized and informed, enabling us to improve our efficiency.

Irrigation Systems

Rain Bird® irrigation systems used and maintained by Planted Earth landscapers are designed to minimize water consumption.

Between our visits to take care of your landscape, technology is still working around the clock to keep things running smoothly. Automated irrigation systems, be they below or above ground, keep plants hydrated and healthy through the warmer months without the need for daily hand watering. Every system is programed with a tailored and adjustable watering schedule to suit the needs of each unique landscape. To improve their efficiency, these irrigation systems are often equipped with rain sensors. If one of the sensors detects excessive precipitation, it delays the programmed schedule so that the plants are not overwatered.

Just like a healthy landscape requires the right amount of water, a successful job requires the perfect ratio of max efficiency to close attention to detail.

This in turn reduces the amount of unnecessary water drawn from the system, cutting down on your utilities bill while also helping to conserve a precious resource. Smart irrigation systems improve efficiency with respect to time and energy as well as water usage.

At Planted Earth Landscaping, the goal is not to use technology as a way of cutting corners—we use technology to streamline better service. In doing so, we have more time to maintain our landscapes with care and consideration for the clients as well as the plants. Innovative practices including implementing the latest in technological advancement are just a few of the ways in which our team is doing its utmost to provide you with the best in landscaping services.

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