Contract Management Takes the Stress out of Landscape Renovations

Planning a major renovation requires a certain degree of expertise when it comes to organizing logistics while scheduling and overseeing multiple subcontractors. For most homeowners, it can be difficult to find the time to coordinate all of these moving parts. At Planted Earth, we understand our clients are busy, and that’s why we don’t just offer professional landscape installation and maintenance—we also provide clients the option for full-service contract management. Our experience combined with high standards of excellence makes Planted Earth the ideal general contractor for enhancing an outdoor landscape, and the care that we have taken to foster positive working relationships while distinguishing ourselves as top professionals in our trade provides numerous benefits to our clients and contractors alike.

“This is what we do; we manage projects,” Justin Spittal, Installation Division Manager.

When asked about Planted Earth’s capability as a general contractor, Installation Division Manager Justin Spittal responded, “This is what we do; we manage projects.” Project planning, coordinating, and overseeing are all critical to making sure each job is carried out successfully. Planted Earth has an extensive portfolio of general contract jobs, and because of our expertise in the field we are well equipped with the skill and know-how to manage each project with the utmost attention to detail. We know which questions to ask, and we know what considerations to make that a homeowner may not be aware of. This forethought that comes only from prior experience enables us to be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to meeting challenges on the jobsite. Efficient scheduling, regular check-ins, and open lines of communication help us to mitigate most problems before they arise. When issues do present themselves, Planted Earth knows how to respond in order to best advocate for the client while ensuring contractors are treated fairly and professionally.

Effective communication is more than just an exchange of ideas and information—it is the expression and acknowledgement of the underlying relationships between individuals. Collaborating with pre-existing contacts on a project offers the benefits of rapport and trust, which inform all communications to yield a positive and efficient working relationship. Open lines of communication allow for improved coordination and the peace of mind for all parties; clients and contractors alike can benefit from Planted Earth’s extensive network of landscape professionals. Likewise, pre-established professional relationships can offer an ease of scheduling, thereby saving critical time, hassle, and labor in the long run.

As the general contractor, Planted Earth acts as the go-between, serving as a key mediator between the creatives, analytics, and field-types whenever needed. Having a central point of contact allows for greater fluidity and flexibility in the face of obstacles, and most contractors find that they appreciate dealing with professionals who understand the technicalities of the job. Having a general contractor for a project offers clients the convenience of having a single point of contact for all of their landscaping needs, as well as only one check to sign at the end of the day. Effective contract management by skilled professionals simplifies the renovation process by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the general contractor, subcontractor, and client, promoting efficiency, professionalism, and high standards without the added stress.

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