Getting to Know Your Landscaper: Virgil Gomez

The rarity that is the Planted Earth experience would not be possible without the dedicated service of our employees. Luckily for our clients, few demonstrate greater expertise, perseverance on the job, and commitment to customer service than Virgil Gomez.

Virgil is a turf crew supervisor and an essential backbone of Planted Earth’s maintenance division. He came to the United States at age 15 and entered the landscaping industry out of high school only three years later. Now with nearly two decades of experience working on both commercial and residential properties, Virgil is fluent in all aspects of the trade with exceptional skill in installation and irrigation management, as well as turf care. Virgil attributes his technical aptitude to the challenges he faced as a young supervisor overseeing multiple crews on large commercial jobs with tight deadlines and not enough manpower. Having to come up with innovative ways of seeing the job done right and in a timely fashion despite unexpected roadblocks instilled in him the efficiency and problem-solving skills that make him a key asset to Planted Earth.

What stands out most against Virgil’s extensive background in the trade is his friendly and cooperative personality. He is extraordinarily passionate about the work he does and committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge with team members to better aid in the group’s safety training and skill development. With clients and colleagues alike, Virgil always goes the extra mile to share job updates and ensure that his crew fully understands expectations, stressing that communication at all levels is key to delivering outstanding customer service.

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