What’s Happening in the Garden? Winter 2020

By: Renee Godfrey Quillin

Now that the holidays are over and we are at the beginning of what seems to be the endless wintertime blues for some, the winter season provides a variety of work for Gardeners at Planted Earth Landscaping. Winter pruning is a great opportunity to focus on specific plants that respond best to pruning during the cold dormant season. When the weather outside is not conducive in which to work, we utilize this time to perform tasks that will have us prepared for the upcoming growing season. Our Gardeners will continue to expand their knowledge within the industry by attending an array of educational and networking programs.

Bare, leafless deciduous trees and shrubs exposes their framework for necessary winter pruning that involves the removal of damaged, diseased and/or dead branches.

Winter pruning is the ideal time of the year for detailed pruning on deciduous trees and shrubs, and Boxwood that give gardeners an advantage for a head start on regular plant care during the growing season. During winter months, leafless deciduous trees and shrubs provide the perfect visual for detailed pruning by removing crossed, diseased and dead branches. Also, cold weather gives time for the cuts that were made from pruning to heal over, which is crucial before entering the warmer spring months. Boxwood are a popular evergreen that respond best to winter pruning.  This involves an all-encompassing thinning, by selectively removing branches, promoting air circulation, that will inhibit problematic fungus from developing within the plant. Pruning Boxwood in the winter greatly reduces the possibility of transferring pest and diseases.

There are a variety of preparation tasks that can be done during inclement weather. From soil test analysis of soil samples that were taken early fall, sharpening or replacing gardening tools and equipment, to other services such as refinishing wooden outdoor patio furniture, to name a few. Gardeners at Planted Earth thoroughly analyze soil test results to determine appropriate types and levels of fertilizer needed to amend the soil of every individual garden; to promote optimal health of the plant’s roots as well as the micro-organisms that live in the soil. Tool and equipment inspection, followed by repair and replacement, will make for a smooth start to when the hustle and bustle of the growing season commences. Another great winter task that we offer is refinishing outdoor patio furniture. By sanding and re-staining, we can restore wood to its original luster while providing weather protection.

Many networks and resources are available to keep a successful landscaping company up to date in an ever-evolving industry. Slower winter months are an opportune time to for Planted Earth gardeners to attend industry related classes, seminars and conventions to further educate on industry related topics. From the latest products and plants, to proper pruning techniques, to identifying new diseases. A question we are frequently asked is, ‘what do you do in the wintertime?’, but as you can see, a gardener’s job is never ending!

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