Benefits of Houseplants

By: Renee Godfrey Quillin

There is nothing like walking into the greenhouse at your local garden center and get an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Why is that? Is it the fresh smell, the endless ambiance of beautiful flora or even the warm humid atmosphere? It lies much deeper than our simple five senses. Houseplants provide a range of health benefits such as improved mental clarity and decreased depression that leads to lower blood pressure and cognitive levels that gives you a sense of calm. These euphoric feelings can also be recreated in your home.

Beautiful snake plant in pot on white table

Houseplants have great oxygen providing benefits and which helps with overall health. One of the best house plants that is well-known for its oxygen releasing quality is the snake plant. The snake plant would be great to add to a bedside nightstand or an office desk.

Moss in shallow bowl

Another benefit of houseplants is that they improve air quality by capturing pollutants and allergens. One non-traditional houseplant that acts as a great natural air filter is moss. Moss can be displayed in a flat shallow pot on a table or even as a living wall. Fresh filtered air promotes relaxation all while enhancing productivity at the same time.

Decorative Areca palm in interior of room

It has been shown that houseplants help reduce psychological and physiological stress while boosting the immune system. A great stress reducing, and immune boosting houseplant is the Areca palm. Areca palm is another plant with exceptional air-purifying properties that puts us in calm mental state that protects us from getting sick.

Aloe vera and mini succulent plant 

Lastly and by far the most impressive quality, houseplants can actually remove the harmful effects of radiation that we receive from electronics and wi-fi in our household. A well-known houseplant that can do just that is the aloe plant. This astonishing plant can convert electronic radiation into breathable oxygen. The aloe plant would be a terrific addition to a home or office setting.

Happy Planting!

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