Maintain to Protect Your Property

By: Andrew Obloy

No one enjoys spending their hard-earned money on repairs or damage that could easily be prevented. Something that a lot of people may not think about when considering landscape maintenance is that it is far more than just aesthetics. Poorly maintained landscapes can cause damage to your property, but with the right care you will not have to worry about these unnecessary expenses.

Trees are an obvious hazard to consider. Falling branches or even trees can cause a lot of damage and be hard to predict or prevent. Stopping a tree or branch from growing where it does not belong is an easy way to avoid any damage to your property. Trees and shrubs are strong and can easily grow into or onto things they should not ever be touching in the first place. A tree branch that grows onto gutters can easily damage or even destroy them. Siding, joints, and even the roofing on your house is also at risk of a plant growing into them and tearing them off and causing you to have to replace/repair these things. Its not just trees and shrubs that can damage your property. Something as small as a weed can cause a lot more damage if not kept in check. Weeds can grow in the smallest crack of your hardscape and even tear apart concrete. these are things that should be constantly kept up with to avoid your stone retaining wall, patio, or even your foundation from taking a lot of unnecessary damage.

Another thing that can be easily overlooked are vines. Aside from the damage they can do to the other plants in your garden, they can also do a lot of damage to the structure on your property. A lot of vines can grow out of control and need to be kept in check. Even just the weight on an older structure can start to tear it apart or knock it over. Also vines like ivy growing up the side of a building can pull siding and frames off the building itself.

Proper maintenance is important in many ways. It will always be about keeping your landscape looking beautiful and keeping your plants happy and healthy. Its also about taking care of your property.

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